Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival sep2000

Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival

“Show me with your hands” – 3 channel video installation with sound.
The American A 10 pilot shows maneuvers for air combat and bombing with his hands. The whore and her daughter flying together out of the blue? Show me Korea is recorded on and around the U.S. Osan Air Force Base in South Korea after 2000. There is also the busy aircrew outside the Soul international airport. Korea, both South and North was bombed to sweitser cheese during the Korean War. Flying is reserved for military and commercial flying. The airspace over the country is a large military operations area. And VFR flight cards rekvirers through the American Department of Defense. Military and commercial interests have occupied airspace but have they also prevent the people from flying? As a small anthropological fly project I transfer the project forward in other countries.